A BATTLE royale is threatening to break out between chocolate manufacturers of the European Union (Fu) and cocoa producers in developing countries. At the crux of the issue is what should go

THE European Community's (EC) recent attempts to harmonise legislation on chocolates have kicked up a major controversy. The proposed EC directive would allow the incorporation of 5 per cent

Indonesia is excited over the development of a new strain of cocoa. The locally- developed strain has twin benefits: it makes far tastier chocolate, and is also resistant to a disease that

The world's largest cocoa producing country recently witnessed its worst ethnic clash in several years. At least 60 members of the Guere ethnic group were killed in a tussle for control over the

The Women's Environmental Network had launched a campaign in spring 1993 against miserable working conditions and the use of pesticides in cocoa production. The campaign, aimed at ameliorating the