This article analyses the implementation of the Ganga Action Plan and the various reasons for its failure in the highly polluted villages of Jajmau, clustered near Kanpur city.

This case study reports on how the various stakeholders came together to alleviate the problem of effluents discharged by factories in the industrial estates on the eastern periphery of Ahmedabad into the Kharicut canal that flows into the Khari, a tributary of the Sabarmati.


Industries, government, ignore apex court committee s proposals for effluent treatment

This health study was undertaken to estimate the impact of pollution on the health of the community at Medak. Its findings show that there is an overwhelming increase in most types of systemic diseases across the study group, as compared to the control group at Medak District.

Upward revision in cost of effluent treatment plants resented

Common effluent treatment plants are fashionable, but without a proper framework of rights and responsibilities, they could become a tool for circumventing the law

a move to solve one problem, is creating another one for the Andhra Pradesh government. The Supreme Court had ordered the state governments to dispose off effluents without contaminating any

The judgement to relocate polluting factories in Delhi leaves several questions unanswered. Will the powers-who-be work to turn good intentions into right actions?

The data on flow, BOD, COD, TSS and TDS were collected from the common effluent treatment plant (CETP) for the period from June '96 to November '96. The data were analysed to assess the performance of the CETP in terms of removal efficiency for the above mentioned parameters. The original design of individual units in the CETP were scrutinized for their authenticity.