Women using latest versions of birth control pills stand a higher risk of developing blood clots

Reproductive choice, gender equality and sustainable development are closely connected, say the latest report on the world's population

A drug suspected of having disastrous side effects is being used as a contraceptive in Delhi

a plant powder reportedly used by the adivasis of Bihar as oral contraceptive, has been confirmed by scientists to have anti-pregnancy effects. A recent report said that the claims of tribal

Elephants of the Kruger National Park are once again in the centre of a controversy. Recently, the park officials introduced contraception as an alternative to culling to control the exploding

as the koala (a marsupial resembling a small bear) population surges ahead, desperate measures are being called for. The latest one includes contraception where the male koalas will be given

A sugar-based pill has been lauded as the most promising candidate for a male contraceptive. In fertilisation, the sperm penetrates a sugary coating around the egg with the help of an enzyme

POPULATION control has just got its first big success in permanent contraception for men - an injection full of the male hormone, testosterone. This contraceptive, after worldwide trials on 399

But will Indian women be safe using Depo Provera?

On May 12, women activists protesting the commercial launch of the controversial contraceptive, Depo Provera, stormed a press conference held in the Capital by Max Pharma, the company launching the