1992 proved the Indian women's movement needs to reassess its priorities and strategies.

Saheli, a Delhi based women's organisation, has, for some time, been fighting against long acting female contraceptives like Net oen and Norplant 6, believed to have dangerous side effects. It took its case to the Supreme Court and got the government to

NEEM is being tested as a contraceptive that can be injected or applied in the vagina. While the contraceptive effect of the injection is expected to last for as long as six months, the vaginal

evolution First blood Palaeontologists dug up a dinosaur bone buried for 80 million years in Montana, usa. The find yielded blood and bone cells and collagen protein

India is all set to gift another ayurvedic preparation to a market that is decidedly turning herbal

a reversible male contraceptive has been been developed by a team of

the first once-a-month injectable contraceptive for males - a shot in the arm for the first sex - is being developed by a Bangalore-based scientist. Raghuvir Moudgal of the Indian Institute of

Population control measures using the controversial contraceptive, Norplant -- developed by Population Council, us -- has backfired, with its acceptance level among women being on the lower side.

A styrene maleic anhydride 'plug' has few side effects and is reversible.

• Investors have been flocking to timber-based businesses in Malaysia, where timber related stocks are being traded at high prices. This is a result of a combination of strong timber prices and