Brazil Making Condoms To Stem Amazon Losses, AIDS BRAZIL: April 8, 2008 BRASILIA - The Brazilian government began producing condoms on Monday using rubber from trees in the Amazon, a move it said would help preserve the world's largest rainforest and cut dependence on imported contraceptives given away to fight AIDS. Brazil's first government-run condom factory, located in northwestern Acre state, will produce 100 million condoms a year, the health ministry said in a statement.

Depo Provera leads to diabetes, says study

A banned female sterilisation method is in use in the rural areas of West Bengal, Karnataka, Punjab and Gujarat. So concludes a study conducted by researchers from Canada based McGill University. Its results, made public during a meet organised in New Del

The paanwallah doubling up as a condom vendor ad has been taken off the air. Instead, Doordarshan will show a village council member warning women about aids and exhorting them to be faithful. The shift in focus heralds a drastic change in India s

the recent decision of the Supreme Court to include Net En, an injectable hormonal contraceptive, in the family programme has led to controversy. According to medical experts, the contraceptives

THh Union government has issued a notification banning the use of quinacrine for female sterilisation/contraception. The notification bans quinacrine in pellet form for use as a contraceptive, Anyone

A dangerous birth control pill will soon be banned in India

THE COMPLETE PICTURE: Televisions all over the world display only 88 per cent of the image broadcast by TV stations. Now, Korean-based electronics company, Samsung is developing televisions that will

Emergency contraceptives are a better means to reduce the chances of pregnancy

A genetically engineered viral contraceptive for mice could sterilise non targeted species