Local people gheraoed north Bengal development minister Gautam Deb as he laid the foundation stone for a new electric crematorium near the existing Kiranchandra crematorium here today.

Residents from areas around crematoriums insist that in the recent round of refurbishing crematoriums, the civic body should install air purifiers to reduce the smoke released from funeral pyres.

People in Shimla now have the option of disposing of their dead in a more environment -friendly and cheaper way by using LPG, instead of piles of wood, at a crematorium here.

The Rotary club has imported the machinery from the United States. The plant has been set up here and trial runs have been carried out successfully .The entire cost of the project was Rs 60 lakh. It is the first such plant to be set up in Himachal and perhaps the first to the north of Delhi.

Karuvadikuppam crematorium causes pollution

Residents and shop-keepers near the Karuvadikuppam crematorium, maintained by the Oulgaret Municipality, are constantly bothered by the smoke from the complex that pollutes the environs around the facility.

MUMBAI: The BMC is planning to use CNG instead of electricity at crematoria. Officials, who oversee the city's cremation grounds, said that electricity is expensive and therefore unviable.

London: A UK-based company has developed what it claims is probably the world’s best green alternative to cremation — an “alkaline hydrolysis” unit, which has been installed at a funeral home in Fl

All those looking for an eco-friendly way to perform the last rites of their near and dear ones in the city not have much of an option. The electric crematorium at the Sector 25 cremation ground has not been functioning properly for the last one week.

The Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) has planned to convert the electric crematorium in the Green Park Extension area into the CNG-based furnace. The civic body has invited private firms for conversion, operation and maintenance of the electric furnace into the CNG-based furnace.

The agency getting the contract will also undertake the related civil works, officials said.

Vidisha Municipality Chairperson Jyoti Shah today presented the budget for the year 2010-11. A provision of Rs 66 crore, 28 lakh and 33 thousand has been made for expenditure, while income from different sources has been pegged at Rs 66 crore 25 lakh and 32 thousand.

At least 10 employees of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) at the CNG-operated crematorium at Bela Road (near Rajghat) have been receiving salaries for the last 15 months for no work. The reason: the CNG-run pyres at the oldest crematorium in Delhi have been under repair all this while.