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DADELDHURA, March 23: Like many villagers, Rajmati Bista, 45, of Belapur, walks two hours every day to a river just to fetch water.

Dozens of villages in Dadeldhura district that were affected by flooding in the Mahakali River and other brooks in the past are once again face high risk of flooding.

Massive mining of sand and stones in the Chure hills has heightened the threats of floods, desertification and drying up of water resources as far as the Tarai region, too.

Dadeldhura and its district headquarters Baghkhor are reeling under waste management problems due to apathy of the concerned authorities.

Food Security Project has been launched in highly vulnerable different 10 VDCs of Dadeldhura in food security in the district.

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has approved a $23.5 million grant from the Strategic Climate Fund for a project that will ensure water supply to about 45,000 households.