The 24th international film festival in New Delhi introduced an indigenously developed technology that makes it possible to telecast a film simultaneously from different telecasting regional centres subtitled in the language of that region.

THE UNION surface transport ministry and the Delhi administration are at loggerheads over how to combat the capital's traffic pollution. Early in this year, the ministry suggested to the city

Delhi's Rajghat thermal power station, which was ordered closed for causing excessive pollution, has resumed functioning and has until March to clean up its act.

To reduce pollution levels, it is becoming necessary to upgrade conventionally designed, two-stroke two- and three-wheeler engines with cleaner four-stroke ones.

THE SUPREME Court, in its judgement on the controversial Mandal Commission recommendations, upholds "merit" as the preferable yardstick for admission and recruitment to the scientific and technical

A determined group of youngsters in Shaheed Nagar who started a weekly newspaper find their objectives are slowly being realised.

Ordered by the Supreme Court to shift stone crushers from the Delhi Faridabad border, officials have arbitrarily moved them to a nearby village, paying little heed to their welfare

Two interesting congresses to be held soon will focus on indigenous science and technology. Another programme, launched recently in the Capital, is taking scientific concepts to the people and aims to promote awareness of scientific issues

Against the opulent backdrop of the WHO building in the Capital, children of the Anna Nagar slum act out on the street their problems and the solutions.

Seed companies are beating a path to the office of a professor at Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi, entranced by the commercial prospects of his discovery of a single gene that could greatly