NEW DELHI: The government is looking at allotting another site for nuclear reactor to Russia in place of Haripur in West Bengal, a location marred by controversy.

This bill to establish a legal framework to comprehensively address nuclear safety issues and establish an autonomous atomic energy watchdog to regulate the sector was introduced in the Lok Sabha. It will enable establishment of a Council of Nuclear Safety (CNS), under the Prime Minister's chairmanship, to oversee and review the policies relating to radiation/nuclear safety.

Campaigners to join hands, rally at N-plant sites

The government has decided to empower the Nuclear Safety Regulatory Authority (NSRA) — which is being formed to regulate safety from nuclear radiation — with wide-ranging powers to conduct investig

Nuclear safety has emerged as a key issue following the tsunami disaster at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Complex in Japan. Scientists are calling on the nuclear establishment to adopt natural measures to protect nuclear installations against tsunamis.

The government on Tuesday approved Nuclear Energy Safety Regulatory Authority Bill, 2011, which aims to establish Atomic Energy Regulatory Authority (AERA) as a statutory body answerable directly to the Parliament.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh asserted on Wednesday that there would be no compromise on the safety of nuclear installations and officials had been instructed to ensure that such units had world-class safety facilities.

The Central government is likely to table the Nuclear Safety Regulatory Authority Bill in the current session of Parliament, which will set up the Atomic Energy Regulatory Authority (AERA) as a sta

The big increase in uranium reserves estimated in Tummalapalle in Andhra Pradesh has given a boost to prospecting efforts for new finds.

India and the Republic of Korea signed an agreement on Monday for cooperation in peaceful use of nuclear energy.