Losses caused due to different insect pests under field conditions on four transgenic cotton hybrids (RCH 134, RCH 317, MRC 6301 and MRC 6304) were estimated in three districts of Punjab viz. Mansa, Ferozepur and Bathinda.

A field trial was conducted during 2007-2008 crop season to study the effect of castor as a trap crop in cotton agroecosystem in relation to major insect pests. The treatments were 5, 10 and 15 rows of Bt cotton interspersed each with 1 row of castor, respectively, sole crop of Bt cotton and castor.

The groundwater reserves are depleting at an alarming rate in Punjab besides a serious decline in the quality of water at many places due to overuse of the available resources, says a study. Out of a total of 137 blocks covered under the study, only 25 have been found safe with 103 of them being overexploited, five being critical and four in a semi-critical state, says a study conducted by the Water Resources and Environment Directorate, Punjab Irrigation Department.

Zira (Ferozepur), February 17 In what could show light at the end of the tunnel to power-starved Punjab State Electricity Board (PSEB), which spends more than about Rs 2 crore daily to bridge the demand and supply gap of electricity in the state, a village in Ferozepur district is fast on its way to become the first village of the state, and perhaps of the country, to earn the distinction of a power theft-free village. Notably, besides the unavoidable transmission and distribution losses, power thefts give a tough time to PSEB in terms of losses.

almost 30,000 migratory birds have arrived at the Harike wetland lake

Punjab's Malwa region, south of the Sutlej river, grabbed national attention a couple of years ago when its steeply rising cancer graph came to light. Studies had revealed the link between heavy