Ploughing It Back: Several projects run by ONGC enable the company to use a fixed share of its profit for sustained public service (Left: Before the treatment of oil-contaminated land, Right: After the treatment)

A former technician of Geological Survey of India has designed a Thermal Conductivity Measuring Apparatus (TCMA) a few months back, which the engineering colleges in the country can easily afford to buy.

The city's southern and central sectors, which include the most densely populated areas, are the most prone to damage by earthquakes. areas in the east face the least risk.

The BJP pushed the Sethusamudram project it now rails against. Government records reveal just how DARSHAN DESAI

THE international diamond industry has found its next big destination, and it's the land of the Nizams. Geological findings in seven districts of Andhra Pradesh have shown up extensive diamond deposits which, naturally, has got the big boys interested. Already, seven companies have applied for prospecting licences (42 in all) covering a land base of over 1,495 sq km.

Science and rationality have taken a beating in the unfolding of the recent events surrounding the controversial mega marine project called the Sethusamudram Ship Channel Project (SSCP) of the Government of India.

Can a town be overweight? Shimla, capital of Himachal Pradesh, has managed to become just that. The load, as always, has been piling on over the years. In this case, storey by storey.
The erstwhile summer capital of the British empire, once hailed as the Queen of Hill Stations, has now become an outsized, uncontrolled monster in urgent need of therapy.

Rubble from the landslide that occurred 10 months ago on the Varunavat mountain in Uttarkashi threatens to swamp the town during this monsoon.

Debris on the slope of the crumbling Varunavat mountain. Uttarkashi town is seen at the foothills.

Meteor shower sparks row in Orissa

In a novel scheme to keep Delhi roads free of litter, the municipal corporation has decided to levy a penalty of Rs 50 on those found spitting, dumping vegetable, groundnut skins and cigarette buds