15 Aug 2009

At l’aquila in Italy, during a meeting of the world’s major boys and girls, India agreed to cap its carbon emissions. The agreement proclaimed the signatory countries would work together to limit global temperature rise to 2ºC from pre-industrial time. It was as if they were writing off bad debt.

15 Apr 2009

The north may renege again and again but the south must go on fuelling their growth

09 Dec 2008

Poznan is cold, a little less than it was expected.

And the delegates are to be kept warm


08 Dec 2008

While it seems easy to draw attention to climate change by showing iconic one polar bear on a thin sheet of ice, the politics of such communication is questionable. Polar bears do not have union to voice their vulnerability. It is a noble duty of mankind to make their plight heard by others.

07 Dec 2008






15 Aug 2008

In recent months, Delhi has seen unprecedented growth in star foreign visitors flying in by night to advise us on the impending dangers of climate change and hand out ‘how to’ manuals on reducing the threat.

15 Jan 2008

The road to next climate negotiation turns hostile as some developing nations are upgraded.

Amajor breakthrough has been achieved in the efforts to tackle environmental emergencies in Antarctica. At the 28th conference on the Antarctica Treaty, which concluded in Stockholm, Sweden on June

India to toe industry s line in ratifying crucial treaty

Reflecting upon the fifth ministerial conference of the World Trade Organization at Cancun, a Down To Earth editorial see: "How not to lose all", October 1