australia will not endorse the Kyoto Protocol. "The Australian government has always said that it will not ratify the treaty ahead of the us ,' said Robert Hill, the country's environment

A decline in its funds and erosion in its mandate have made the United Nations Environment Programme virtually ineffective. Bharat H Desai looks at recent attempts to revitalise it

Are genetically modified organisms a miracle that will solve the world's hunger problems or a menace that will threaten human health, environment and food security? Attempts to sideline the Cartagena Biosafety Protocol continued in Montpellier, France, ev

The long road to a treaty

The Global Environmental Negotiations (GEN) series provide information on environment-related treaties, negotiations and institutions. Poles Apart, the second in the series of books on the politics of global environmental governance (GEN). This book contains updates on the issues dealt within the first report, Green Politics . It contains new chapters on five conventions and institutions.

This publication contains prominent articles collated from 200 issues of science and environment fortnightly, Down to Earth, from 1992 onwards.

Will multinational corporations take over the UN?

one flight to and from the us creates more pollution than one average motorist in the uk does in one year. This was revealed by a study conducted by the international environment

Delegates representing more than a hundred

A recent protocol on compensation to victims of hazardous waste permits the generators to go scot free