Climate change experts from around the world gather in Bangkok this week to discuss the successor to the Kyoto agreement, which comes to an end in 2012. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is hosting the summit, which will try to forge an agreement that is palatable to most nations whilst having a real impact on global carbon levels.

Next week, government negotiators will gather in Bangkok, Thailand, for the latest round of international climate change talks.

Do the math: affordable new technologies can prevent global warming while fostering growth. March 2008

The EU Commission's climate package calls for a 20-per-cent reduction in emissions by 2020, a fact that may indicate they do not expect an ambitious international agreement. March 2008

Carbon neutrality has never been more highly prized. Half of New Zealand's greenhouse gas emissions come from the guts of sheep and cows; Norway spews ever more gases from its North Sea oil platforms; Iceland has soaring emissions thanks to its aluminium smelters. But all have promised to cut their emissions to zero by becoming founding members of the Climate Neutral Network, set up by the UN Environment Programme at a meeting in Monaco last week. Feb 27, 2008

december 14, Bali, Indonesia: a much anticipated un meet concludes. The meet was expected to work out a consensus to deal with climate change once the Kyoto Protocol expires. It did come

The Bali conference on climate change is over. But the fight against climate change has only just begun. The message from Bali is the fight will be downright brutal and selfish. Let us cut through

There were substantive discussions on climate change at the three-day Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Uganda. It ended on November 25, however, without agreeing to binding emissions cuts.

The un climate change conference, which began on December 3 in Bali, Indonesia, is conducting several discussions, including the adaptation fund, reducing emissions from deforestation and

All attention is on the climate conference in Bali. Most people hope that the ongoing negotiations within the un will, however, culminate in an inclusive