The Biosafety Protocol has finally been adopted in the hope that it will bring some transparency into the trade in genetically modified products. But some say it is weak and watered down to suit US interests

The protocol and its limitations

Even as the US accuses the EU of rewriting prior agreements, the later agrees on a common approach to limiting flexible mechanisms for controlling green house gas emissions

Green Politics , the first in a series of publications on global environmental negotiations (GEN) provides a close analysis of important environment-related conventions and institutions from their origins, and demystifies the global politics behind 'saving the environment'. The book presents a first-ever comprehensive Southern perspective of the impact of global environmental governance on the real lives of real people.

Ford and General Motors were behind the onslaught on the US administration asking that India and China also undertake reduction commitments

There is an urgent need for a global environmental watchdog alerting the global civil society to the designs of our governments

World forestry talks end without a consensus on a global convention on forests

Global climate change is today a spectre which allows for no ostriches. Scientific data is piling up to indict human activity as the source of the current phase of warming. The debate is whether the affluent North or the developing South has been more responsible and who will be polluting more in the near future.

exposing the double-talk of the five nuclear states, especially the us, requires little doing; the recently concluded Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (ctbt) in Geneva offered a remarkable instance.