Noisy vehicles through the Brenner Pass is not only threatening environment but also causing hindrance to the Transit Treaty

RISKING a split with the Conservative government, French President Francois Mitterrand said in an interview with Austrian media, that France and other atomic powers should refrain from breaking the

PERHAPS no environmental problem affects the poor of the world as much as desertification. The UN Environmental Programme UNEP says this has affected 900 million people and 6.1 billion ha. But desertification is an issue far more complex than just degr

The Netherlands is negotiating with Bhutan, Costa Rica and Benin a long term reciprocal development treaty that is based on Dutch assumption that rich nations must pay for their overuse of natural resources.

The recent conference in Geneva, held to discuss moving up the date set for phasing out CFCs, got stuck over the question of aid to developing countries

Rio saw the largest ever gathering of NGOs over 2,000 of them. And finally the world was forced to acknowledge that NGOs were the real voice of the people

WILL HE go? Will he sign? Will he give money? All these and many more questions on the behaviour of the US President George Bush are threatening to overtake the Earth Summit at Rio. Bush's cat and

Forests: For the South, this is perhaps the most crucial and most difficult battle ahead. The North has been insisting on a legal framework to manage the world's forests. Each

26 Jul 2013

Redistribution has been kept out of the agenda of the United Nations, and a new global agenda,  goals and rules to share responsibility and prosperity can lead to a new world 

Mukul Sanwal[1]

16 Jun 2012

It was June of 1992. The location was Rio de Janeiro. The occasion was the world conference on environment and development. A large number of people had come out on the streets. They were protesting the arrival of George Bush senior, the then president of the US. Just before coming to the conference, Bush had visited a local shopping centre, urging people to buy more so that the increased consumption could rescue his country from financial crisis. Protesters were angered by his statement that “the American lifestyle is not negotiable”.