Poornima Nataraj, July 12, Bangalore, DHNS:

Bangaloreans have used up around 200 per cent of groundwater resources, which includes both

Soon, dried-up lake in Ghata village will give way to Sec 58 a residential colony in Gurgaon. Work has already started
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THE Planning Commission has advised the Haryana government to impose a cess on electricity used for cultivation and use the funds to replenish depleting ground water.

The country

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Some of them don't even exist, putting the groundwater table under strain
THE capacity of water bodies in and around the city has shrunk by at least 20 per cent, and some of them don't even exist, putting the groundwater table under severe strain. Blame it on land sharks.

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As groundwater depletes in the Capital at an alarming rate, Delhi is all set to have its own regulatory body to combat the twin problem of paucity of water and illegal extraction of groundwater. The new policy will be notified next week.

S Lalitha, May 5, Bangalore, DHNS:

Bangaloreans making use of freshly pumped borewell water for drinking purposes need to put an abrupt end to the practice.

KENDRAPARA: Women carrying pitchers and trudging miles to fetch water is a common sight in the interior areas of Kendrapara these days. Water crisis has gripped the villages as summer slowly peaks.

Due to over exploitation of groundwater over past few years, the water table has gone down drastically in many areas.

Wells have dried up and tube wells are lying defunct.

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LUCKNOW: The delay by the Central and state groundwater boards in releasing the 2008 groundwater assessment report might dislodge the huge efforts made by the state groundwater department and crores of rupees being pumped in by the government to replenish the fast depleting groundwater reservoirs in UP.

Warangal, April 4: Major irrigation minister Ponnala Laxmaiah made a whirlwind tour to city