Groundwater is a primary source of fresh water in many parts of the world. Some regions are becoming overly dependent on it, consuming groundwater faster than it is naturally replenished and causing water tables to decline unremittingly. Indirect evidence suggests that this is the case in northwest India, but there has been no regional assessment of the rate of groundwater depletion.

K.V. Kurmanath

Hyderabad, Aug. 4 Worried over decreasing groundwater levels and presence of nitrates and heavy metals, the Andhra Pradesh Government has initiated a study to assess the quality and quantity of groundwater in the Hussainsagar catchment area.

The study would suggest measures to plug the sources of pollution and exploitation and recharge groundwater levels.

This article describes the estimation of natural recharge and determination of aquifer parameters of a watershed located in coastal belt around Tuticorin town, Tamil Nadu, India, using radioactive tracer and pumping test methods. Recharge measurements were made at several spots to weathered gneiss, shale limestone, quartzite and coastal alluvium formations using tritium injection technique.

There is a marked fall in groundwater table
Underground drainage project progressing slowly
CUDDALORE: The Tamil Nadu Science Forum has voiced concern over the fast-depleting groundwater level in Cuddalore. At a district conference held here recently, the forum passed a resolution urging the authorities to take speedy measures to reverse the trend.

Bindu Shajan Perappadan

NEW DELHI: For a parched Delhi the latest report card on the status of its ground water released by the Central Ground Water Board spells tough times ahead, with all nine districts of the city reporting a decline in the water table.

Thiruvananthapuram: The government is planning to amend the Kerala Groundwater Regulation Act, 2002, to prevent the exploitation of groundwater by private parties, Water Resources Minister N.K. Premachandran has said.

Call to revive groundwater bodies.

The packaged water industry is growing at 40% a year and Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh account for half the industry.

A memorandum of understanding (MoU) was signed for hydrological data sharing between the government of Himachal Pradesh and various projects on different river basins in the state here today.

Dynamic groundwater resources of India have been estimated using groundwater resource estimation methodology-1997. The methodology uses the water-level fluctuation technique and empirical norms for recharge estimation. The groundwater utilization is also estimated.

The Delhi Jal Board has been found woefully short in providing adequate water supply in the city, with its leaking pipe networks reporting a wastage of a huge 40 per cent of water in its distribution channel. The DJB has also fallen short in meeting its own target of 855 MGD (million gallon per day) by March this year as it could reach the level of 785 MGD by the target date.