Professional help sought for data collection; findings to be part of PMC's Environment Status Report While it is no secret that the unprecedented and unplanned growth of the city has put severe pressure on its various resources, for the first time the Pune Municipal Corporation is coming forward to actually study and assess the impact of the damage on at least one critical area

After the Special Economic Zones, villagers of Loutolim are bracing for yet another battle, this time against the indiscriminate sinking of bore well in the Verna Industrial Estate. Loutolim gram Sabha members, Sarpanch, and panch members recently called on the IDC Managing Director, A V Palekar and vociferously objected to the sinking of bore wells and asked him to immediately cap all the existing bore wells sunk with or without permission in the Industrial Estate.

The study area around Choral river basin in the Narmada Valley region, forms a part of Indore and Khargone districts of Madhya Pradesh. The geological, geomorphologic, lineament, hydrogeomorphic and groundwater potential zone maps of the study area have been prepared using IRS IC LISS III FCC imagery on 1:50,000 scale.

groundwater in Ankleshwar Industrial Estate in Bharuch district in Gujarat is highly contaminated. The contamination is a result of more than 3,000 industrial units in the estate: around 270 million


The groundwater reserves are depleting at an alarming rate in Punjab besides a serious decline in the quality of water at many places due to overuse of the available resources, says a study. Out of a total of 137 blocks covered under the study, only 25 have been found safe with 103 of them being overexploited, five being critical and four in a semi-critical state, says a study conducted by the Water Resources and Environment Directorate, Punjab Irrigation Department.

Chemometric techniques such as factor analysis (FA),cluster analysis (CA) and discriminant analysis (DA) were applied to the groundwater quality data in a tannery-polluted area of Chennai city, India.

The officials issued orders banning digging of agriculture borewells in 350 villages in the district in which the water table plummeted.

Water scarcity is increasing day by day in Chittaurgarh district. Groundwater level is falling at a high rate. 12 percent of the hand-pumps have been completely dried out.

Water is the most important natural resource which forms the core of the ecological system. The advent of remote sensing has opened up new vistas in groundwater prospect evaluation, exploration and management. The groundwater resources of the study area, Rishikesh region of Garhwal Himalayas, are under threat due to population pressure caused by expanding tourism in this region.