Soil salinity and falling global prices push farmers to agriculture An increasing number of shrimp farmers in Bangladesh are going back to paddy farming. They don

Low on water Little groundwater recharging a cause groundwater level in Dhaka has dropped to 61.18m below the surface putting the sprawling metropolis at

Farmers in Bangladesh, an agriculture-driven economy, are in for an era of dependency on hybrid seeds. Following a large-scale destruction of the country's paddy crops in the previous season, the

Scientists monitor riverbank erosion to predict floods

Scientists develop method to use jute for making paper pulp

The population of Bangladesh’s national fish is rapidly dwindling in local rivers

Bangladesh mulls major felling drive in the Sundarbans area

Scientists develop device to help farmers from developing nations

Dhaka is being milked dry. Of late, there has been a rapid decline in the city s groundwater table. In fact, it has depleted by over 20 m during the past six years

The Bangladesh government is planning to enlist the services of the air force in the soon-to-be-launched operation to rid Dhaka of mosquitoes. But environmentalists are up in arms about the