LUCKNOW: Taking a serious view of the receding groundwater resources in the state, Uttar Pradesh government has said it would suspend subsidies for digging new borewells in 108 development blocks.

Due to the erratic monsoon in 2011 and rising summer heat, Maharashtra's water supply position has come down to 19 per cent of the total capacity of dams in the State.

After last year’s failed rainfall dried up most wells and the depeleting water table drove the hand pumps to a trickle, farmers in the nearly 200 villages in Mann and Khatav talukas in Satara are n

The present study has been carried out to assess groundwater quality in parts of Hindon–Yamuna interfluve region of western Uttar Pradesh. Fifty-five groundwater samples were collected from hand pumps in post-monsoon 2005 and pre-monsoon 2006 period, respectively, covering an area of about 1,345 km2. Physical and chemical parameters of groundwater such as electrical conductivity, pH, total dissolved solid, Na, K, Ca, Mg, HCO3, Cl, and SO4 were determined.

Two districts--Chapainawabganj and Naogaon--are at very high groundwater drought risk while Rajshahi and Joypurhat at moderate risk, said a research paper at a two-day conference.

Rapid decline in aquifer level has exposed parts of the southwestern region to huge saline water intrusion into ground, surface waters and soil to affect crops and ecology, say experts.

Nearly all our fresh water comes from obscure underground deposits – now satellites and radioactive isotopes are telling us how much we have to go round.

Ground water abstraction is increasing day by day due to its increasing demand for various uses. Hosur union of Krishnagiri District, completely depends on ground water for drinking purpose, since the surface water from Penniyar River is very limited. In the present study the assessment of ground water quantity of this region is taken up, to ascertain the safe yield.

Development of representative conceptual groundwater flow model is an important step before translating it into a numerical model. In this paper, a methodology for development of conceptual groundwater flow model has been presented in which spatially distributed values for groundwater recharge has been utilized instead of lump sum average values of recharge normally obtained by water budgeting method. The study also extensively uses GIS for preprocessing of hydrological, hydrogeological and geological data.

GUWAHATI, Sept 16 – Guwahati and its adjoining areas are likely to suffer a crisis in the form of groundwater depletion, if efforts are not made to optimise the use of the resources.