The polluter pays. This maxim seems to be ringing uncomfortably true for Exxon Corp and Union Carbide Corp whose image was further tarnished when they were listed among the 8 worst corporate

THE world's biggest industrial disaster has been rendered today its most trivial. Criminal corporate culpability and governmental concern for its poorest of the poor are the 2 elements missing in Bhopal a full decade aft methyl isocyanate leaked fro

A British chemical company, Thor Holdings, has been hauled up to the London High Court by 2 workers in South Africa suffering from severe mercury poisoning, and by the family of a man who died from

The Haryana government has adopted a list of 43 industries as highly polluting, rejecting the Central Pollution Control Board's (CPCB) list of 17 types of heavily polluting industries, circulated 2

IF LIVING proof is needed of how institutions created by human beings for their welfare really work, one has only to go to Bhopal, where thousands succumbed in a deadly MIC gas leak on the night of

A recent United Nations report absolves multinationals of the environmentalists' charge of shifting ecologically harmful industries to the South. Earlier, equally prestigious reports, claimed the contrary.

Using cloak and dagger techniques and with help from willing critics, a British television crew does a hatchet job on India's nuclear programme.

Nearly eight years after the Bhopal gas disaster, the legal battle over a settlement continues. But for the efforts of public interest agencies and public spirited advocates, the victims and the legal system would have been mired in a horrendous plight

The International Labour Organisation (ILO) is hoping that an international convention will get accepted on industrial disasters like Bhopal at this year's session of the International Labour

Ship-breaking industry, once banned in Bangladesh for violating environment and safety norms, is back in business