Hazaribagh/Ranchi, Aug.

Ranchi, July 30: Jharkhand has embarked on a mammoth project to rejuvenate five dams and reservoirs that act as prime water sources for capital Ranchi, Jamshedpur, Hazaribagh and Chatra, a move that will also help the state tap central funds.

Hazaribagh, May 19: As many as 276 students of a government school fell sick today after eating a midday meal of khichdi in which a lizard was found, a week after an identical episode in Deoghar where 19 children fell sick after a midday meal.

- Reservoir level dips alarmingly, residents depend on tankers, borings for daily need
Charwa dam

Hazaribagh, April 21: With water level in Charwa dam dipping to dangerous levels, residents of the town are getting increasingly alarmed.

Hazaribagh, April 5: First, the bad news: the water level of Charwa dam is fast receding. Now, the ugly news: the reservoir may be able to sustain life only till month-end.

Hazaribagh, April 5: A major mishap at Central Coalfield Limited

Tribals are known to have rich knowledge of indigenous technology pertaining to agriculture practices and an attempt was made to document the indigenous knowledge. Data was collected from 3 districts covering 9 villages from 225 farmers with the help of a structured questionnaire. In all, broadly classified 26 indigenous knowledge were identified in the study area.

Hardly 10 years ago, the coal belt districts of Bokaro and Dhanbad boasted hundreds of vultures, mostly of three varieties

Jamshedpur, Jan. 5: Jharkhand has recorded an increase in forest cover by 172 sqkm, a feat made possible by local villagers and, surprisingly, Maoists, whose presence deterred widespread tree felling that has been the norm in certain remote areas.

Hazaribagh, Nov. 5: At a time when the forest department has almost conceded defeat to save the migratory birds that are target of poachers, a social activist has come forward to give them a fresh lease of life.

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