GUMLA: Now farmers can preserve and register traditional varieties of crop seeds under the Farmers Rights Act.

The government is planning to revive the dried up sources of water apart from encouraging rainwater harvesting to reduce water wastage in the state, said state rural development secretary Arun Kuma

The lid is off a basic reason why generations of girls drop out of school, never discovering their potential.

Residents of Gunia build a temporary barrier with sandbags on the rivulet in December last year and a paddy grower in the village. Telegraph pictures

And it’s time to take on an elephantine challenge.

This study provides insights to some of the key functions of the Integrated Child Development Scheme and health services in the management of childhood under-nutrition in six key empowered action group states. It explores the underlying process and determinants of under-nutrition and the manner in which these two key services are playing out their role and scope in contributing to the management. Despite the recent emphases on management of under-nutrition, the health services are yet to respond to the enormous challenges in a signifi cant manner.

New Delhi, Feb.

Ranchi, Aug.

For more than six months a year, vast swathes of land in the rain-dependent rice belts of Jharkhand remained barren, forcing farmers to migrate to other cities in search of livelihoods.

The trend has reversed at least in one place, in the Maoist-infested Bishunpur block in Gumla district

Ranchi, May 16: The king of fruits has finally conquered Lohardaga, Latehar, Gumla and West Singhbhum.

For the first time this year, mango trees planted by the state government under National Horticulture Mission (NHM) have borne a large number of fruits, promising a bumper crop.