Rajshahi Fruit Research Center has, so far, innovated six new more fruit varieties through intensive field-level research during the last 18 years.

There are only two kinds of genetically modified agricultural products permitted for commercial production in China - cotton and papaya, a news report said.

Do you think only ‘Monsanto’ (or any multinational seed company) has the capacity to develop transgenic crops? The answer is a clear ‘no’.

The papaya mealy bug, a native of Central America, is threatening to wreak havoc in papaya cultivation in many areas of Bangladesh and causing huge economic losses to farmers.

About 40 to 54 per cent of the daily consumed foods including fish, milk and baby foods are found adulterated and poisonous and the adulteration is increasing for the last couple of years.

For more than six months a year, vast swathes of land in the rain-dependent rice belts of Jharkhand remained barren, forcing farmers to migrate to other cities in search of livelihoods.

The trend has reversed at least in one place, in the Maoist-infested Bishunpur block in Gumla district

Progressive farmer of Vilathikulam shows the way

TAKING STOCK: S. Raja Mohamed, Assistant Director of Horticulture, Vilathikulam, with a team of officials inspecting a papaya tree Jameen Karisalkulam in Tuticorin district.

A group of farmers engaged in Papaya cultivation in Moradabad region have found a desi way of tackling the Papaya Mosaic disease. They spray a dilute solution of groundnut Oil on the crop as soon as the symptoms of the disease appear. The disease doesn

Specific aphid identified as predominant virus vector the papaya ring spot virus causes extensive damages to papaya, watermelon, squash, cucumber and pumpkin. Scientists suggest that the best way to reduce the loss is to cultivate these plants at a distance from each other and avoid their monoculture. A study, published in the May issue of Phytopathology, has identified a kind of

If there is an example of a silver bullet among genetically modified (GM) crops, it would be virus-resistant papaya trees. They saved the papaya industry in Hawaii from devastation by the ringspot virus, a serious pathogen that deforms fruit and eventually kills conventional trees.