indian space agency isro is yet to release its final report on the early death of its moon mission Chandrayaan, but speculations abound about the cause. One of the explanations is the late decision to carry a probing instrument in the spacecraft. In the original plan the spacecraft was to just orbit the moon. The decision to make the instrument with an imprint of the national flag land on the

WHILE we are yet to ascertain whether aerosols are warming or cooling our planet, a scientific team has traced a new source: deciduous trees. These are plants that shed their leaves seasonally. So far aerosols were described as particles of pollutants like sulphur dioxide, black carbon (soot) and sea salt that remain suspended in the air. Deciduous plants release around 500 teragrammes

Warming decreases low-level cloud cover, contributes to its own increase WHEN the oceans warm, water evaporates and cloud cover increases. This is the well known science behind cloud formation. A new study begs to differ. Of the three major kinds

Hotels, motels and even homes in the US are infested by bed bugs fifty years ago the United States promised itself a good night

FOSSCOM to oppose NASSCOM companies and civil society groups supporting open source software standard in e-governance are planning to form a separate pressure group. They have proposed to form fosscom to oppose the IT industry body nasscom that has been lobbying with the government to adopt proprietary software standards. Free and open source software (foss) codes can be

A special glass that makes steel stick to concrete on may 28, an earthquake struck Honduras in Central America. The La Democracia bridge on the Ulua river collapsed. It had been there since 1963 when the French built it. The main reason behind the collapse of bridges during quakes is the weak polymer coating that holds steel and concrete together. Researchers at the Missouri

A clue for weight watchers for all of its medicinal uses, turmeric has not been known for treating obesity. After learning how its active ingredient curcumin inhibits tumour growth, biologists and pathologists at Tufts University in the US have shown how it does the same to fat cells

A special report on "Aila", the cyclone that struck on May 25. Now, with 400 km-long embankment breached, people of Sunderbans live with threat of a high tide causing further damage. It calls for a long-term policy on behalf of the islanders for saving the Sunderbans.

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No more thumb twiddling as you wait for the computer to start computers that could instantly switch on at the desktop mode without the time-consuming process of booting, may now be possible. Researchers have induced a property in silicon

Infrared rays can easily detect the contaminant in milk in september 2008, milk contaminated with a chemical called melamine led to renal complications in 300,000 children of China; six died. This chemical, used in producing plastics and glues, is also used in food adulteration. The high nitrogen content in the chemical can make food look more nutritious by increasing the measurable