imbalances in sex ratio around the world have been attributed to a variety of reasons. Scientists have now found more evidence of a link between chemicals like polychlorobiphenyls (pcb) and a decline in the birth of males.

Over the years scientists and communities have descerned a peculiar trend. The Aamjiwnaang community near Sarnia in Canada have, for example, voiced concerns over the declining male population in the community. Their observation was confirmed in a study by Ottawa University in 2005.

so far climate change study models have ignored how carbon emissions contributed to the melting of glaciers. This was not part of climate study models since reliable data on soot emissions was

A P MITRA (1927-2007) In the early 1990s, the US Environmental Protection Agency had come out with a report incriminating Indian rice fields of emitting 38.6 million tonnes of methane per year and

Conventional thinking has it that floods are caused by excessive rainfall. ARCHITA BHATTA finds out that wasn't necessarily the case this year While people in the flood-affected areas are

cyclone Gonu has showed up the chinks in India's wind pattern research. The cyclone lashed Oman on June 4, 2007, and delayed monsoon in India by a week. Indian scientists, including the India

the new solar cycle will be least risky for satellites; best for communication systems and safe for the aeroplanes flying over the poles, says a new study. Published on the March 29 issue of the

new evidence suggests that evolution of birds and mammals in the temperate zone is faster than in the tropics, contrary to an earlier theory that said tropics were more favourable. It has been

human activities add loads of nitrogen to forests, posing threats. Scientists at the us Oregon State University, however, say this may be helpful; but only to some extent. They found that artificial

pesticides have so far been touted as protectors of plants. For the first time, a new research says some of them may actually be harming the very crops they are supposed to protect. Reason

Need for an independent ethics body for India's science research has got stronger after a reputed science journal has recently withdrawn an Indian research study on cancer cells. On February 23,