is another menacing insecticide ready for a run? Scientists from Rochester University's Mayo Clinic in the us claim to have made a breakthrough in creating a pesticide that can kill mosquitoes

a new form of stem rust, a fungal disease of wheat, which has jumped from eastern Africa to Yemen, may affect the Indian wheat population in the next four years. Scientists are concerned but the good

on february 2, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (ipcc) released its much awaited Fourth Assessment Report. With an unprecedented confidence of 90 per cent, it asserted that climate

the brown haze over north-India's sky could portend a dry future. Caused by liquid pollutants suspended in air, the aerosol cloud, infamous for its effects on crops and human health, may result in

forest fires hasten mercury accumulation in the soil and catchments, say researchers of Michigan University. According to them, forest foliage are huge mercury traps. When burnt, the mercury

only a few weeks are left for scientists to meet at the annual Indian Science Congress and the organisers are still looking out for funds. The meet will be held from January 3-7, 2007, at the

methane emission from livestock in India has been found to be much lower than the estimates of the International Panel for Climate Change (ipcc)

gear up to go back in time, approximately 2,400 million years ago, when there was frenzied star-making in the Milky Way. The frenzy has a link with formation of life on Earth. Science has discovered

Foreigners file 75 per cent of patent applications in India. Indian scientists and research organisations are also increasingly filing for patents, though mostly in the us. On the one hand, the

is life possible without oxygen? As far as a particular kind of bacteria are concerned, the answer is an unambiguous yes, according to scientists of the Princeton University, us. In a paper