Study predicts loss of Rs 10,800 crore in the city by 2050 because of a one-in-100-years flood coupled with climate change impacts. The eastern fringe of Kolkata, the fastest growing part of the city, is expected to be hit the hardest by climate change-induced impacts, and the poor will be affected the most, according to the findings of a World Bank study submitted recently to the West Bengal government.

CPI(M)-Trinamul rivalry affects aid to cyclone Aila victims relief funds from the central government to help victims of cyclone Aila in West Bengal have hardly reached the needy. Political one-upmanship between the ruling cpi(m) in the state and Mamata Banerjee

Food shortage may have forced diet change on july 17, Sunderbans forest officials posted in Netidhopani came across a dead tiger near their field office. A post mortem revealed the tiger had eaten two cobras, one of them was a king cobra. Tigers are not known to prey on snakes; wildlife experts speculate the tiger may have eaten them because of food shortage caused by cyclone Aila

Sea levels rising between 3mm and 5mm a year; tidal surges will intensify say scientists a steady stream of people can be seen making their way to the main jetty in Chotomollakhali island in the Sunderbans these days. On an average, about 200 of them leave for the mainland each day with their belongings and livestock. The migration has increased threefold since Aila struck on May

A special report on "Aila", the cyclone that struck on May 25. Now, with 400 km-long embankment breached, people of Sunderbans live with threat of a high tide causing further damage. It calls for a long-term policy on behalf of the islanders for saving the Sunderbans.

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