Hazaribagh, April 8: Being eco-friendly is today’s mantra for a safe planet.

Kuntala Lahiri-Dutt and others (“Land Acquisition and Dispossession: Private Coal Companies in Jharkhand”, EPW, 11 February 2012), touch on several important issues, but with a sophistication which is expected from academics. The piece, however, portrays only the tip of the iceberg; the grass-roots situation is much more serious and tense. Land acquisition by privately-owned coal
mining companies has assumed very sinister proportions. This letter is to bring some more examples to the attention of EPW readers. (Letters)

Jharkhand wants the Centre’s go-ahead for forest diversion to set up 17 CRPF camps in Saranda, even though forest clearance authority lies with the state and the move is only expected to delay the

For the first time, 500 NREGS workers have drawn their wages in January utilising the UIDAI Adhaar, a micro ATM, and biometric data.

New Delhi, Jan.

Ranchi: The Centre has sent an alert to the Jharkhand government to remain cautious about a possible poultry infection, after a mysterious bird flu-like virus is believed to have killed between 500

The geology department of Vinoba Bhave University will host an Italian MNC-sponsored workshop on Tuesday to train young minds on energy efficiency with a thrust on helping them identify alternative

Fresh milk delivered at your doorstep, minus any polluting plastic pouches.

Hazaribagh, Aug. 5: Hundreds of villagers of Keredari and Barkagaon today sowed paddy, not in their fields but on the huge potholes dotting the 14km road connecting the two blocks.

Ranchi, Aug.