New technology to dispose of medical waste creates furore

The Haryana government s recent decision to promote glass syringes is in the midst of a storm. It has, in fact, created clear factions; one that supports the move and the other opposing it. The fact that the Union ministry of health and family welfare is

Tamil Nadu will soon have its first centralised biomedical waste treatment facility. The unit is being set up in Chennai by the Hyderabad based G J Multiclave India Private Limited and can treat medical waste of 15,000 beds

Immunisation is a double edged sword providing a shield against diseases, at the same time generating waste that can be hazardous to health and the environment if not disposed of properly. Typically, lethal leftovers of the process comprise used needles

centralised medical waste management facilities will soon have to meet certain stipulated criteria. The Central Pollution Control Board is in the process of issuing guidelines, which will be ready

Delhi hospitals continue to flout biomedical waste management norms

Guarded optimism greets new biomedical waste treatment facility near Kanpur

Hospital waste in Nepal's capital, Kathmandu, is posing to be a health hazard for the people. Over

Karnataka hospitals face closure for not treating waste

Hospital waste management suffers from poor understanding and even poorer implementation