In October Borabanda had experienced as many as 16 micro-tremors in a span of 13 hours.

Hyderabad has shown an alarming increase of malaria and dengue cases in the past few weeks.

Two elderly individuals from Hitech City reported with H1N1 infection

HYDERABAD: Mercury levels in Adilabad and Khammam are expected to plummet significantly as the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) issued a severe cold wave warning for the next three days in th

HYDERABAD: Multiple international studies, in recent times, have established that the India-China belt will undergo massive urban growth -over 30 per cent - during the next two decades.

A senior doctor at Fever Hospital said that dengue cases are being seen on a daily basis.

HYDERABAD: The newly-mutated `Michigan' strain of the H1N1virus, detected in the city two months ago, has left 70 people (largely in and around the city) infected over a span of a week.

Hyderabad: City planners and biodiversity experts in Canada and the US have reinvested to revive native plant species because the ornamental and ‘fast-growing’ variants fail in the face of climate

The government has decided to construct two flyovers, from Paradise to Bowenpally and from Paradise to Rajiv Rahadari.

A substantial number of swine flu cases go undetected in Hyderabad as health authorities do not test swab samples from suspects for the influenza B viruses.