A staggering 2,400 fresh cancer cases are reported in Hyderabad every year, according to preliminary data gathered under the centrally-funded Population Based Cancer Registry (PBCR).

MYSORE: A study carried out by the scientists at Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB) Hyderabad has indicated that elephants held in captivity in mutts, zoos and other places are living

The Rs 65-crore project has an estimated annual output of 18 million Kwh

* K Chandrashekar Rao takes oath as maiden CM
* 11-member Cabinet inducted

Below normal rainfall has been predicted but UP, Bihar, Odisha and parts of Andhra Pradesh and Northeast India will receive normal rainfall.

Hyderabad: The Andhra Pradesh High Court on Wednesday directed a petitioner to file an affidavit explaining if there are any disparities in the reports of the district collector and the district ju

Speaking at a review meeting held here on Monday, he asked the officials to take steps for recharging of the ground water table with compulsory maintenance of rainwater harvesting pits on the premi

Water management is about society and its ability to build technologies to maximise the use of water and, more importantly, technologies to share water with all

March 22 is World Water Day. There is no doubt that water will determine whether India becomes wealthy or remains poor. But the management of water is not simply about building more dams or pipelines to take the water to our cities and then more pipelines to flush the waste from our homes.

Hyderabad: Lack of adequate recycling capacity for electronic waste is costing the country several thousands crore of rupees each year.

Unseasonal rains and hailstorm over the past few days have killed seven people and injured 58 others across the state.