Gujarat CM Shri Narendra Modi questions Congress leadership and the UPA government on creation of Telangana state in this blog. Read more.

Barely days into monsoon and the city has already witnessed an alarming jump in malaria cases, laying bare the poor vector control preparation by civic authorities.

: Even as the debate on climate change and global warming rages on, several Hyderabadis are convinced that the climate is changing and directly affecting their lives.

Cities across the country have widely disparate opinions on how to prioritise environmental protection and development, despite greenery giving way to the choke of urban sprawl.

The newly urbanized areas of the ever-expanding city have a new threat hovering over them - fluorosis.

For a state that always takes pride in being called the “Rice Bowl of India”, this is surely disconcerting news. As per the 2011 census, there has been a significant fall in the number of cultivators in Andhra Pradesh during the last one decade.

The percentage of cultivators has declined from 22.52 per cent in 2001 to 16.47 per cent in 2011. The total population of the state is 8.45 crore as per the latest census.

Hyderabad: A wildlife census was conducted at the Mruguvani National Park, Chilkur, and KBR Park, Hyderabad, early in May.

A team of 40 nature lovers, environmentalists and the members of NGOs, with the help of foresters, conducted the preliminary survey for ‘2013 Summer Annual Wildlife Census.’ The forest department, along with the logistics’ team, covered over 11 km of the Mruguvani National Park. Amar Deep Singh, a participant in the census activity, said, “While carrying out the census, we noticed a number of wild animals in the protected areas, including wild boars, spotted deer, sambhar, indian hare, mongoose, a number of reptiles and various native birds.”

Andhra Pradesh has lost significant number of farmers in the last one decade.

The Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA) has decided to rope in IT firms and non governmental organisations (NGOs) to prevent dumping of garbage and other pollutants in the four majo

Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority will shortly finalise norms for ‘Adopt a lake scheme’ and plans to invite expression of interest after finalising the terms of memorandum.