The number of people affected by cardiac diseases has doubled

Meet highlights need to formulate local plan for country

MUMBAI: Global experts have identified a new killer: poor quality healthcare.

With blaring horns contributing negatively to the environment and causing massive noise pollution, several kids came out on the city roads on Tuesday morning to make people aware about its dangers.

The study also said that many schools were not aware that canteens were serving high-calorie drinks and deep fried snacks.

Many also suffer from pre-diabetic and hypertensive conditions

The death rate due to cardiac diseases has declined significantly in the US in the last 15 years even as it continues to rise in India with cardiovascular diseases being the leading cause of death,

NCD Clinic to start operation in the hospital in another 10 days

Study focuses on women; first time such research has been conducted in India

NEW DELHI: In a major finding, which goes against conventional thought and prescription trend, research published in the Journal of American College of Cardiology suggests that health supplements h