Organic magnets could soon be used for magnetic coatings and data storage systems

A wristwatch sized mobile phone will be introduced in the market by ad 2000

Flax, wood and cotton could soon replace plastics

A cost effective motor to launch satellites is being developed in the US

A four-seater plane has been developed in the UK that can take off from a 3,000-ft runway and cruise for 2,415 km at approximately 800 km per hour. This tiny jet, called CMC Leopard, weighs 1,812 kg

After a six-year research, a tennis speedball analyser (TSA), has been developed by Toucon SA, Verbier, Switzerland and a government sponsored company. The graphite racket features a unique software

The ice cover almost 4.8 km thick is perhaps the most valuable feature of Antarctica, with its record of past atmospheres in the trapped air bubbles

In chips and piecesEverything needed to browse the Web and send e-mail will soon be put into a single microprocessor. The Japanese firm Toshiba, in association with iReady, a chip designer from San

Gadolinium, a rare-earth metal, is being used to create a new technology of refrigeration. The metal heats up when subjected to a magnetic field and cools down when demagnetised. This quality of the

After years of false starts and setbacks, the hybrid of a plane and a helicopter, known as a tiltrotor, is all set for commercial operations. Bell Helicopter Textron and the Boeing Company's