Sasan (Junagadh district): Gujarat's pride has become substantial as lion numbers in Gir have crossed the 500 mark to 523, registering a robust growth rate of 27%.

Weeks after a farmer blocked a route, Gujarat forest department has reduced the number of permits for lion safaris in Gir National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary (GNPWS) at Sasan-Gir in Junagadh distr

RAJKOT: Heavy rains in Junagadh and near-by areas have caused a flood-like situation in coastal villages of Porbandar district which is known is 'Ghed' area.

Ahmedabad: The two-day annual census of herbivores in Gir Forest and National Park began on Monday. The count will determine the prey base for the lions in the area.

In the last two years, 45 lions and 37 cubs died in Junagadh and Gir Somnath districts, all of natural causes. One lion had died an unnatural death in 2013.

Judgement of the National Green Tribunal in the matter of Vajubhai Arsibhai Dodiya Ors. Vs Gujarat PCB Ors. dated 31/10/2013 on the accident at Gujarat Ambuja Cements Ltd. The applicants submit that on the night of 1st May, 2011, an accident took place in the cement plant due to which poisonous dust and powder spread over the nearby areas. The said accident was so severe that poisonous gas, cement dust had spread over the nearby area and destroyed all the agricultural products grown in the nearby vicinity of the cement company.

Have Asiatic lions found their own homes within the home around the Gir forest?

State forest department officials said over the last two decades, lions have dispersed from the Gir forest, which was a core area of Asiatic lions, and have settled down in respective areas and made their permanent 'homes'.

Protest against land acquisition for a bypass on National Highway 8D

After protests by farmers against a Nirma cement plant in Saurashtra, the proposed special investment region (SIR) near Ahmedabad-Gandhinagar corridor and the Mirthi Virdi Nuclear Power Station, anger is now brewing against land acquisition for a bypass for National Highway 8D near Junagadh in Saurashtra region.

Gandhinagar: Scientists at government agriculture research station at Talod in Sabarkantha have developed a new BT hybrid variety of cotton.

At least 10 villages of Kalahandi district were marooned in flood waters due to heavy rains at the catchment areas of river Indravati leading to disruption of road communications in different weste