An earthquake measuring 5.3 on the Richter scale jolted Gujarat tonight but there was no immediate report of any casualty or damage.

The epicentre of the quake of moderate intensity, which shook the state at around 2248 hours, was 20km south east of Sasangir near Vansthli town in Junagadh district, said Indian Met Department.

Cotton, groundnut sowing likely to be affected if the clouds don

AHMEDABAD: Of the total 1,160 leopards in the state, 207 are staying outside jungles, close to people. What`s more, this number is constantly going up. The recently concluded census found that this number of leopards shifting out of the jungle has risen by more than 40 per cent since the last census conducted in 2006.

Of the 207, 136 were found in Junagadh district alone.

AHMEDABAD: The three-day wildlife census revealed that the population of sloth bears and leopards has increased by 18.62% and 8.41% respectively during a five-year period.

Releasing the data on Monday of the census that concluded on May 18, S K Nanda, principal secretary, forest and environment, said that there were 1,160 leopards in the state with the highest density being in Junagadh district

Ahmedabad:The issue of illegal mining in Junagadh has once again rocked the state assembly. The government said as many as 1,118 complaints have been lodged against those involved in illegal mining.

NEW DELHI, 7 FEB: The environment ministry today gave its clearance for the construction of a ropeway in the Girnar Wildlife Sanctuary in Gujarat, the only home to Asiatic lions, despite objections that it could lead to the extinction of Girnari vultures, a critically endangered species.

The ministry accorded the clearance to the ropeway from Bhavnath Taleti to Ambaji temple within the sanctuar

Power Ministry Finds Proposed Sites At Junagarh & Jamnagar Unfeasible
GUJARAT may have to be content with just one 4,000 mw ultra mega power project as the two other sites offered by the state for building such projects have not been found feasible by the power ministry due to environmental reasons.

Issue involves possession of land by non-Maldharis

Ahmedabad: The Gujarat high court has stayed land deals in the periphery of the lions

GANDHINAGAR: The Gujarat government has decided to close all the roads passing through the Gir national sanctuary

Ahmedabad: State government has admitted on the floor of the House that illegal mining in Junagadh and Porbandar was to the tune of Rs 658 crore of which Rs 627 crore was only in Porbandar district.