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Rajkot: In a bizarre incident, a lion was axed to death by some villagers in the greater Gir concept area of Junagadh district on Monday. Before it was killed, the lion had attacked seven people, including three of its attackers, who were hospitalised after the incident, forest officials said.

A farmer axed a three-year-old lion to death Monday after it mauled five people and also tried to attack him in Gujarat's Junagadh district that houses the Sasan Gir Lion Sanctuary, forest officials said Monday.

Is Mahyco-Monsanto trying to push its products too fast in the market?

Mahyco-Monsanto Biotech (MMB), a joint venture between Monsanto and Maharashtra Hybrid Seeds (Mahyco), issued a release on

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In a setback for genetically engineered cotton, Monsanto, innovator of the strain, confirmed what sceptics had said might well happen, that the pests it was supposed to resist better than natural cotton would also innovate.

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Junagadh: A leopard was killed in a territorial infighting between two big cats in a village of Sutrapada taluka on Friday night, said forest department officials on Saturday.

AHMEDABAD: For hundreds of years now, this lion-faced state has been a natural abode of the jungle king. Lions were hunted in large numbers in northern and western India in 19th century. Gir was their last refuge because the Gujaratis protected them.

One Can Now Go For A Lion Safari And Move To Diu Without Going To Junagadh & Kodinar
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Ahmedabad: Diu, Gir and Tulshishayam have drawn closer. Not geographically, though. The Central government has recently approved another entry into the last abode of Asiatic lions, through Ambardi interpretation zone in Amreli district.