HOWRAGHAT, July 12: "In a bid to ensure safe drinking water and proper sanitation in Asom along with the Karbi Anglong hill district, the PHE Department has come up with innovative steps for materializing the vision of a clean and healthy Asom with every individual taking the responsibility to ensure good quality of life through safe water supply and adequate sanitation facilities and hygienic pra


DIPHU, Feb 4

GUWAHATI, Sept 21: Karbi Anglong is still recuperating from yesterday

At least 700 birds, all open-billed storks (Anastomus Oscitans), were killed when branches of a banyan tree crashed apparently due to the increasing weight of nests, in a village in Karbi Anglong dist

Guwahati: Insurgency has claimed yet another casualty in Assam in the form of decreasing forest cover in strife-torn hilly districts, though the state still boost of a better forest cover than the national average.

The forest cover in districts such as Karbi Anglong and North Cachar Hills has gone down according to Forest Survey report, 2005, Assam Forest Minister Rockybul Hussain informed here on Wednesday.

These districts have been encountering serious insurgent problems with tribal militant groups creating grave law and order problems in these virgin lands.

JORHAT, Sept 5

NAGAON, August 3: After detection of fluoride and iron in underground water sources in different areas under Hojai subdivision, the PHE Hojai division has implemented different water supply schemes including installation of wells and tube wells, piped water supply scheme, fluoride-free water in fluoride-prone areas, testing of drinking water under the National Rural Drinking Water Quality Monitoring (NRDWQM) programme during the last 20 years to redress the problem of contaminated water in Nagaon district.

So far 68 persons have died in the State of malaria, said Health Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma in the State Assembly here today. The Minister, who was replying to questions from Dr Aditya Langthasa (AUDF) and Dr Rumi Nath (BJP), asserted that the number of malaria-related death in the State had come down drastically this year. Till July 18 last year, the disease took a toll of 137 to 138 human lives, he said.

HOWRAGHAT, July 17: The Public Health Engineering Department (PHE), Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council (KAAC) in active support of Sum Ronghang, former KAAC CEM and present EM of PHE Department is launching a belligerent drive with the aim to supply potable water for the people of the district.