The Centre will constitute a committee to conduct a study on ownership of forest land in the Northeastern region.

The High Court of Meghalaya has dismissed a writ petition against Lafarge on allegations of land dispute.

The Division Bench of the High Court of Meghalaya has rejected the PIL filed by Shella Action Committee (SAC) which demanded a halt on excavation and transportation lime stones being carried out by

Shimla, February 19: The government today cancelled the licence issued to JP Cements for a cement plant in Chamba district for failing to show satisfactory progress.

Govt seeks to move away from a command and control system to one based on self monitoring

After whittling the clearance backlog, Environment Minister Veerappa Moily is now focusing on another demand of industry—a predictable and structured forest clearance system.

A day after the Supreme Court set a March 31 deadline for establishing an environment regulator, the government said it was examining the order to work out how to proceed.

The environment ministry was unwilling to disclose its plan of action. However, officials indicated that the government would be able to provide just the broad contours of the proposed regulator within the two-month timeframe given by the Supreme Court.

For independent, transparent appraisal & approval of projects

The Supreme Court on Monday directed the government to appoint a Regulator with offices in States under the Environment (Protection) Act, 1986 for appraising projects, enforcing environmental conditions for approvals and imposing penalties on polluters.

In a major blow to the Centre's election year decision to speed up environmental clearance to long pending projects, the Supreme Court on Monday ordered the government to appoint a national regulat

The Supreme Court today set a stiff less than 3-month deadline for the Centre for setting up a National Regulator with “offices in as many states as possible” under the Environment (Protection) Act 1986 to clear mining and other projects in forest areas.

A three-member Green Bench of the SC headed by Justice AK Patnaik clarified that it had directed, not advised, the Centre in 2011 to set up the regulator. The Bench, which included Justices SS Nijjar and FMI Kalifulla, passed the order, dispelling Centre’s doubts on this score.

The Supreme Court on Monday directed the government to set up within three months a national environment regulator with the power to appraise and clear projects.

The regulator would be created under Section 3(3) of the Environment (Protection) Act, 1986, for appraising projects, enforcing environmental conditions and to impose penalties on polluters, the court said.