The main provisions of an Indigenous Peoples Planning Framework (IPPF) have been integrated into the project design, specifically through the Environment and Social Management Framework (ESMF), and the Participatory Process Framework (PF). The PF, applies to, and informs, all project components and activities included under BCRLIP.

Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India proposes to embark on a project, namely, Biodiversity Conservation and Rural Livelihood Improvement Project (BCRLIP), at two sites of global and national biodiversity importance in the country.

Of the two zones which constitute Earth, land is extremely vulnerable to misuse, distortion, and depredations. Although seas/oceans the other constituent is not free from encroachment and defilement, it is comparatively in much better health. Hence green infrastructure has land-use at the core of discussion. It is presumed that there is crisis regarding land-use.

An ambitious riverfront development project has been drawing many visitors in Kolkata. The Millennium Park runs along Strand Road, for a kilometre on the eastern bank of the Hooghly river and has

AIRBORNE archaeology' is the theme that the artist-photographer Marilyn Bridges tried to convey in her recent exhibition of photographs. The exhibits were on view in the American Museum