Dam proposed on the Alaknanda

A special report by Down to Earth on the 252-MW dam proposed by Satluj Jal Vidyut Nigam on the river Pindar in Uttarakhand’s Chamoli district that would reduce the river’s 22-km stretch to a mere trickle and threaten the life & ways of 20,000 inhabitants of the district.

Batteries & meters dictate how we commute, communicate, adopt green technologies and measure. This report in DTE charts evolution of these two technologies and analyses what future holds for them.

Market for water purifiers is booming, but no regulations check quality and claims. Down To Earth expresses concern and questions claims of the water purifier industry in this latest special report.

Gauging a river’s health need not be complex. Taxonomists can make the job very simple. These biologists, who have specialised in the classification of organisms, can determine a river’s health with the unaided eye by simply studying the organisms present.

After the government dumped its plan to rope in international consultants, seven IITs have come together to prepare a strategy to revive the Ganga.

Except 2008, the Keoladeo national park in Rajasthan has been receiving little or no water for the past six years. A seasonal breach of a dam upstream was the source of the water till 2003, the year the breach was repaired. Nobody at the time thought of the repercussions on the park. This year does not promise to be different.

Rural water supply scheme for Andhra has no room for public opinion; price may be hiked later villagers in Andhra Pradesh will soon get their drinking water supply in 20-litre plastic containers. The government has shortlisted five companies that would treat raw water and sell it to villagers. The government thinks this is the best way to supply safe drinking water to villages but

View image A college opens a chapter in ecological sanitation A bunch of students at the exhibition hall of Adarsh College of Arts and Commerce are talking spiritedly. It is not about friends, fights or movies. It is about

View image A hospitality outfit attempts to restore Mansagar lake Located in the Jaipur-Amber tourist corridor, the Mansagar lake is called the Jal Mahal lake because it houses the 18th century