The Malampuzha Dam Protection Council has called upon the government to close down a hospital waste management plant run by Indian Medical Association Goes Eco-Friendly (IMAGE), an initiative of th

Status of the bird may be changed from ‘least concern' to ‘near-threatened or vulnerable'

The conversation status of river tern, a bird species found mostly in inland waterbodies, is being reviewed by BirdLife International (BI), which assesses the conservation status of birds for the Red List of the Globally Threatened Birds for the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

PALAKKAD: The Core Committee formed to regulate the sale of sand mined from the Malampuzha, Chulliyar and Walayar dams has reported sale of sand costing Rs.11.70 crore and expenditure of over Rs.6 crore towards mining and transporting.

This paper depicts a research work comprising an attempt to estimate the rate of sedimentation from the basin surface of the Malampuzha, typical multi purpose storage reservoir on the western slopes of the Western Ghats in the Kerala state.

A Satish

PALAKKAD: The government has decided to relax the norms for lifting of Malampuzha sand from its banks. The price is set to come down to Rs 950 a cubic metre if it is for public purpose. The liberalisation of the norms will enable the public to buy the sand directly by paying the price. Currently, the public can lift the sand only if they take it in lots of 10,000 cubic metres.

PALAKKAD: As the sand from the Malampuzha and Chulliyar dams were quoted at Rs 2,300 per cubic metre by the highest bidder, the public at large will in effect be denied sand at reasonable price.

2001: THE old man shuffled his feet, acutely embarrassed. No matter which part of India you're in, the first thing you do is offer your guests a glass of water. And this was one part of Nallamada in Andhra Pradesh blessed with that element. Things had changed, though. "Please don't drink it," he said, finally. "See how it is?" he asked, showing us a tumbler.

A failed monsoon brings distress to Kerala; its second longest river, the Bharathapuzha, is virtually dry, and Palakkad district faces the worst drought in its history.