Following the allegation that the Karivannur drinking water project is unnecessary and not feasible when there is sufficient water in Peechi reservoir, the Corporation has decided to appoint an exp

Kerala's plant biodiversity faces a severe threat from 89 alien invasive species, which were recorded in a survey commissioned by the Kerala State Biodiversity Board.

Of these, 19 present a high risk; many were found displacing and destroying a large number of native species, causing environmental and economic loss. Around 40 per cent of the varieties belonging to Brazil, Trinidad, Costa Rica, Chile, and Mexico were believed to have reached the State mostly through timber and food grain imports,

Status of the bird may be changed from ‘least concern' to ‘near-threatened or vulnerable'

The conversation status of river tern, a bird species found mostly in inland waterbodies, is being reviewed by BirdLife International (BI), which assesses the conservation status of birds for the Red List of the Globally Threatened Birds for the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

KALPETTA: A wildlife census in the Wayanad Wild Life Sanctuary (WWLS) and the two forest divisions of Wayanad district began on Wednesday.

The census is being held as part of a State-wide exercise.

The three-day census is being organised by the Forest and Wildlife Department in association with the Periyar Foundation, Kerala Forest Research Institute (KFRI), Peechi, and the World Wide Fund f

KATTAPPANA: Preparations have begun at the Periyar Tiger Reserve and the Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary for a State-wide wildlife survey to be held from May 18 to 20.

Sanjayan Kumar, deputy director, Periyar Tiger Reserve, told The Hindu on Thursday that training classes for the Forest Department staff would be held on Saturday, and the exact number of persons participating in the survey of mammals

Guidelines say animals should be released in the vicinity of capture
The national guidelines for human-leopard conflict management have advised against relocating the captured animals, a practice widely followed in Kerala.

If an animal has to be released, it should be done in the immediate vicinity of capture. Leopards are highly adaptable animals which exhibit amazing homing instincts.

Precarious situation prevails in the Chimminy, Peechi and Periyar forest areas

K.S. Sudhi

KOCHI: Forest fire has become a major environmental concern in the State with many of the wildlife sanctuaries facing the threat of outbreak of wildfire.

KOCHI: The New Year greets the greens and the picnickers in the city with a double gift from the Forest Department - a nature study centre and a bird watching tower.

Set up at the Mangalavanam in the city, the twin projects will be dedicated to the public by Forest Minister Benoy Viswom on Thursday.

In situ propagation of butterflies was attempted through establishment of a butterfly garden in a 0.5 ha degraded moist deciduous forest patch at the Kerala Forest Research Institute campus at Peechi, Kerala. Creation of butterfly habitats through landscaping and introduction of suuitable host plants to sustain different species of butterflies were the major activities undertaken.