View image Polavaram hydropower project will flood Orissa

Many in tribal India have given up on traditional food Some months ago I went on a long journey through parts of tribal India. Getting off the bus in Malkangiri district, supposedly the most backward region in Orissa, I headed for a village which I frequented a decade ago. I noticed the trail had been widened and

By Akshaya Kumar Sahoo, Bhubaneswar
Dec. 16: Orissa, which was hitherto known for its huge mineral reserves like iron ore, bauxite, chrome ore, manganese, dolomite and quartzite, is all set to add a new glitter to its kitty of natural resources.

Bauhinia Vahlii one of the valuable species is a giant climber and also called as Siali in Orissa and "mahul patta" in Madhya Pradesh. Leaves are used for making cups and plates and for wrapping food. The collectors harvest Siali leaves by damaging plant to obtain maximum leaves. Such unsustainable harvesting method led depletion in the growing stock of leaves inn the study area.

The iniquitous development agenda pursued by successive governments at the centre and the state has rendered several tribal groups in Orissa, who reside in some of the poorer, more inaccessible districts of the state, largely marginal to the governance process.