Surviving a plane crash is clearly better than the alternative. But it may actually have positive long-term effects, claims a study presen

Without adequate sleep, new skills may not get encoded into the brain s memory circuits

Wearing socks to bed may just

Cradling the phone between the neck and shoulder is certainly not good for the neck. But for one French psychiatrist, it was bad for his brain too. After the psychiatrist, 43, talked that way over

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Some cases of mental illness in human beings may have a viral origin, say a group of German researchers. The team, led by Liv Bode of Robert Koch Institute in Berlin, found traces of the Borna

Despite their growing popularity, electric shocks may not be good for epileptics. Electric shocks are known to impose order among the neurons, or nerve cells, but scientists at the

Studies suggest smoking protects against diseases such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's, but many scientists and funding agencies are not convinced.

IF YOU are reluctant to leave bed on a dark, winter morning, stay right in there. People who wake up early in winters might be cutting short their required sleep, inviting unforeseen health problems