The government of Chhattisgarh has taken the Centre to court for allegedly infringing upon the state’s mining rights through a provision in the Mineral Concession Rules, 1960.

New Delhi Let companies engaged in coal mining for captive use earmark an amount equal to a fraction of the royalty they pay the states for the benefit of affected communities in the mining areas,

Question asked in Rajya Sabha on illegal mining by Dr. Janardhan Waghmare dated 05/12/2011.

Samaj Parivarthana Samudaya president S R Hiremath has said the National Committee for Protection of Natural Resources (NCPNR), which has been spearheading the movement against illegal mining in th

Justice MB Shah Commission of Enquiry on illegal mining of iron and manganese ores has in this first interim report suggested a ban on exports of iron and manganese ores to conserve the mineral for posterity.

BHUBANESWAR: The Director of Mines has now been designated by the State Government as the registering authority of trucks or any other vehicle used for transportation of minerals by road.

Minister questions Mines department's description of excess production as handling of dumps

These rules may be called the Kerala Minor Mineral Concession (Amendment) Rules 2011.

Ranchi, Sept.

The new framework will introduce a benefit-sharing regime while laying down the policy contours for leases given out by state governments. The changes are aimed at dealing with popular resistance to mining projects on the grounds of corruption and adverse social and environmental impact. The industry fears it will make mining unattractive in the country.