Human-wildlife interactions resulting in conflict remains a global conservation challenge, requiring innovative solutions to ensure the persistence of wildlife amidst people. Wild Seve was established in July 2015 as a conservation intervention program to assist people affected by conflict to file and monitor claims and receive ex-gratia payments from the Indian government.

Karnataka houses the maximum number of wild elephants in India, says the latest elephant census report of the union environment ministry.

Karnataka which accounts for one of the highest number of Royal Bengal Tigers in the country has seen 37 tiger deaths since 2013.

Did you know that 14 per cent of leopards in Kali Tiger Reserve are melanistic in nature?

Karanth says tiger numbers can be doubled.

The Forest Department will soon ink an agreement with private companies to acquire wildlife corridors around tiger reserves.

This study is conducted to examine the positive and negative environmental impacts of ecotourism in Kodagu district. The study involved the participations of the experts who have visited and settled in the district.

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Fifty direct sightings reported during the recent census
increasing tribe? The sighting of cubs with mother in various forests during this time, according to the officials, indicates the presence of breeding tigers.

With more than 50 direct sightings reported in the Karnataka tiger reserves and wildlife sanctuaries during the National Tiger Census, 2013, the Forest department believes that the population of big cats is on the rise in the State due to successful conservation measures.

The last survey had identified 100 tigers in the 1,200-sq km Bandipur Tiger Reserve

As many as 700 people have volunteered for the most-awaited tiger census to be conducted across all tiger reserves and protected forest areas in south India.

A report submitted by an NGO, Empower Foundation, to the forest department has stated that lions should not be translocated and the big cats should be allowed to migrate naturally only.