Bandipur/Nagarhole, DHNS:

Call it an economics of villagers or woes of Karnataka forest department...

By Subhash Chandra NS, DH News Service, Bandipur/Nagarhole:

Hostile villagers, apathetic Government, corrupt power sector all seem to be against the elephants which are dying due to electrocution in Bandipur and Nagarhole ranges...

Bangalore, DHNS:

The State Forest Department has been a mute spectator to the gross violation of Wildlife Protection Act 1972 as mechanised earthmoving equipment are being moved into the State protected areas and tiger reserves.

The old Exxon ditty,"Put a tiger in your tank', has been adopted by the World Bank. Reportedly prodded by its president, Robert Zoellick, the Bank will announce a new global initiative to save tigers. The

This document addresses the hunting of tropical forest wildlife for food (known as

Decisions that affect how people use land are among the most fraught that any enlightened society has to grapple with. Two claims that typically come out on the short end of the land-use debate are the claims of indigenous people and claims for non-human species.

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